I am a curious person in a curious world. I always felt like an outsider struggling to fit in until I realized I don’t need to fit in. I am unique. I am me. I am in a constant state of metamorphosis.

So I write.

I write about the underdog, the champion, the fighter, the person who breaks their own trail, but not necessarily the one who shouts their heroism from the rooftops. I write about the past to better understand the future. No one can write like me because no one can be me. I draw on ideas from my experiences, thoughts, desires, needs, and dreams. I see the world through eyes different from everyone else.

So I write.

I am on a strange and wonderful journey. In my imagination, I’ve climbed mountains, crawled across valleys, swam in the ocean, and danced on clouds.

And I write….

Work in progress

Kady’s Mulligan (Working title)

First draft of book cover. April 2020.

All Kady ever wanted was to belong to a “proper” family, to feel loved and accepted for who she was. She is a contemporary woman with an amazing man, a wonderful job, and a bright future.

At six years old, Kady and her brother Aaron came to live with their grandparents after they lost their Mom and Dad. A year later their grandfather passed away, and Gran withdrew into her own world, for the most part abandoning the kids their parents left her to raise.

Today, as executor of Gran’s estate, she discovers generations dark secrets in the farmhouse attic. An antique book with empty pages and accompanied by a letter from her estranged grandmother, holds the key to her destiny. The book draws her into travels, or inherited memories, of ancestors. She visits a medieval peasant woman, an 1800’s plantation girl, and a 1960’s secretary. Their stories teach her to overcome her childhood feelings of abandonment and loneliness to find family, acceptance, and peace.

A word about my writing

My inspiration stems from my own experiences, from what I see, hear, and learn in the world around me, and from the values and ideals I believe in. Like most writers, there’s a piece of me in all my adventures. I want you to come away from my stories with the incentive to be a little braver in your own life, to break free from the limitations family and society has put on you. I hope women will recognize their innate wisdom, listen to their instincts, and, as some would say, discover the goddess within.

For fun and when the spirit moves me, I dabble in short stories and poems. Sometimes, they are a great alternative to writing in a journal to analyze issues, share an idea, or rant about an issue of the day.

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