Celebrate even your smallest wins

Did you write something today that you are particularly proud of?

Celebrate even your smallest achievements.
  • Did you write the most beautiful sentence ever?
  • Did you write a poem that flows like a stream in the forest?
  • Did you revise a scene or chapter that turned out better than you could have imagined?

Remember that every author you admire started out as a novice too. They got better and got published by learning and practicing. And practicing. And learning. And practicing. No writer every wrote a perfect novel, let alone a single paragraph, the first time they sat down at their computer screen or pad of paper. It’s a long hard road from initial idea to final product. If you’re passionate about your writing and the story you are telling, you will succeed and even come to enjoy the process — even if you want to write only as a hobby or for friends and family. Watch as your writing improves from month to month, or from year to year.

Every now and then, you’re going to write something you think is pretty darned cool. Like the perfect 250-yard shot at the golf course that lands three inches from the hole, these are the moments that keep you coming back. Search for them, make them, recognize them.

When they happen, pat yourself on the back! Your hard work is paying off.


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