Nature as inspiration

Nature is a great inspiration to me. My acrylic paintings and doodle art are mostly all nature based — flowers, birds, insects like butterflies and dragonflies, and general landscapes.

Some of my favorite things to do are to walk in the woods listening to the birds, watching the leaves change through out the season, finding interesting mosses or mushrooms, watching waterfalls plunge over rocks or a cliff, or wandering the beach.

Using objects in your writing can imply certain symbolism about a character and the setting and maybe even where the plot is headed.

Today, I’ll talk about acorns. Those tiny souvenirs that drop from the mighty oak tree in the autumn. Oaks are one of my many favorite trees. The trees grow strong and tall and sometimes live for hundreds of years — some say even a thousand.

The acorn is but the seed that potentially grows into another tree. Seeds are a form of hope for the future. As the seed cracks open, it must be watered and nurtured until it becomes stable enough to grow on its own. Hope may be in the form of one day sitting in the shade of a massive tree, collecting nuts for food, feeding the animals, a place for kids to play, or homes for birds.

You cannot plant an acorn in the morning and expect that afternoon to sit in the shade of an oak.
—Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Acorns represent patience. Roughly one in ten thousand acorns mature into trees. Many sprout, but few have the appropriate environment to survive. Oak trees can take up to twenty to thirty years to produce acorns, and don’t reach full production until about fifty years.

Acorns are food for animals like the squirrel and the deer. Mother Nature provides the food to sustain the animals through the cold winter months. Acorns were also used in Medieval times to make bread when grains may have been in short supply. They were soaked to remove the tannins (which give the bitter taste), dried again, and pounded into a fine powder. So you see, acorns are an important part of the food chain for both animals and people.

As a writer, you set up your environment (your working space) so it’s comfortable and inspiring to you. Don’t expect to write a novel in a day. Typically it takes months, sometimes years, to get from concept to final publishable novel.

As writers, ideas are like acorns. They are the seeds of ideas that we sprout and nurture into stories. Sometimes the ideas dies, maybe it lies inert for a while; other times it evolves into a beautiful story.

Be the acorn. Be patient. Follow your writing dreams.

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