Write from your dreams

Did your parents or teachers scold you for daydreaming too much? Have you scolded yourself for wasting time wandering la la land?
Well, the wonderful news is: worry no more. It’s all good!

Let your dreams run wild

Dreaming and daydreaming are an important part of a writer’s life. It’s through dreams, daydreaming, and meditation that we come up with our best ideas.

I once meditated my way through most of the first chapter of my book. I wasn’t sure how the first chapter should start, so I meditated on it. As I sat quietly in my chair, the story unfolded itself. I saw the attic and all the junk stored away up there. I sat at the antique roll-top desk where the book and letter waited for my main character. After the meditation session, I scrambled to write everything I could remember and, yes, I’ve done many revisions, but the gist of that dream is still my first chapter.

Let dreams become your brainstorming session. No idea is terrible. Just let your imagination run wild like a child in a field of flowers and watch what happens. Let your inner child run free in made-up worlds. Let your child fly, chase unicorns, slay dragons, or anything she wants to do. It might surprise you how moments of quiet help draw out ideas from the dark recesses of the mind so the light can shine on them.

Dreaming is an essential part of the creative process. Make it a part of every personal creative day. Letting your mind wander brings out information from your sub-conscious to your conscious. Even if no ideas venture forth during a “dream-time,” that information returns to the sub-conscious where it percolates until another time.

Have you ever had a dream tell you what to write next? Tell us about it.

4 thoughts on “Write from your dreams

  1. I’ve used dreams so often in my writing. I wonder and daydream about my characters when I’m writing their story. I go to bed thinking about what my characters will do, and sometimes I dream the next scenes in my current WIP. Recently, I used a very personal dream in the novel I’m writing. Literally anything I’ve seen or experienced may end up in one of my books. 😀


    1. Most of my ideas come from meditation or daydreaming rather than night-time dreaming. I always wished I could dream characters and plot ideas. I’ve used lots of bits from my personal life, attached to plot points and characters. There’s a little piece of me in all my writing, which I tend to think all writers do. We have to draw on our experiences — however they happen to us.
      Thanks for dropping by and being my first commenter. Love the feedback.
      Best of luck with your writing!


    1. So perhaps the “daydreaming” is what’s working for you. As writer’s we spend a lot of our “brain time” pondering our characters and plot. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to comment. Best of luck with your writing. Hope to see you back soon.


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