Kady’s Mulligan — Excerpt #1: The attic

All Kady ever wanted was a proper family. Her, and her older brother Aaron’s, parents died in a car accident when she was only six. Their grandparents became their guardians, but grandfather passed away only a year later. After that, Gran withdrew and spent most of her time in her own faraway world, leaving the kids to fend for themselves.

When Gran passed away several months before the story begins, Kady took on the role as executor of her will. Aaron is overseas, so she is responsible for sorting and selling the effects of the old farmhouse. Her first foray into the attic that Gran would never allow her to visit as a child spoke volumes to the task ahead of her.

Cobwebs hide dark family mysteries.

This portion of the setting description in the first chapter hints at the work ahead for Kady to figure out the family secrets that lay hidden in the dusty abandoned attic.

The heady smell of old rough wood and ancient cobwebs prodded at my nostrils. Like melancholy autumn breezes, the tang of rejection and memories — dim with age but never forgotten — saturated the room. One tiny window, laden with years of grime, begrudgingly let in the fading afternoon light into the abandoned room. Other windows, hidden behind the piles of boxes and furniture, cast no light upon what I would discover.

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