Lynn, the writer

Lynn is, to date, an unpublished author. She has three draft novels and a nonfiction book in the works. These days, she’s chosen one novel to focus on, hoping to have it published in the near future.

Lynn was born and raised a farm girl in Nova Scotia, Canada, although she lived in Calgary for 17 years before returning home to her roots. Her favorite times while living in the city were when she left the city to camp in the foothills of the Rockies. You can take the girl out of the country….

Despite (or maybe because of) being an introvert (INFP), I always believed I had something to say to the world. Because I’m shy, I can’t shout my message from the rooftops, so I tell stories. I want to teach people that life can be grand, but you must take responsibility for your own transformation.

She has a particular interest in the creative process, which she writes about in her Notebook pages (under The Creative Process). She loves nature, her guy (aka MyDude), and her dog. She’s an artist and crafter when time permits. She still enjoys camping, but now it’s a bit more luxurious — a little home on wheels. She and MyDude take in several music festivals each summer and strum a little guitar themselves. It’s a good thing we enjoy campfires, because we’re “campfire strummers,” which means we’re not pros, but we have fun.

Lynn spent nearly twenty years writing and editing technical documentation. It paid the bills, but she never quite found her bliss until she tried creative writing. She always dreamed of one day having a novel published, but life got in the way. During her time in the software industry, she took advantage of every opportunity to write newsletters, brochures, and other materials that all helped build her writing skills. She continues to improve her skills with everything she writes.

Most of what Lynn knows, she taught herself through reading, watching, and experimenting. She has a degree in Computer Science, but taught herself technical writing and later editing. She taught herself to play guitar, to paint, to craft, to cook (MyDude says she has to learn to write down her recipes so she can repeat them), and creative writing. She recently joined a local writer’s group run through the provincial library system.

She’s an enthusiastic reader of historical fiction, especially stories set in Medieval times. Among other topics, she enjoys tales of King Arthur, stories of Cleopatra, and novels about Rome in the Caesar–Antony era. A few of her favorite authors include

  • Jack Whyte
  • Manda Scott
  • Pauline Gedge
  • Margaret George
  • Michelle Moran

A few of her favorite books she’s read recently include

  • The Physician —Noah Gordon
  • Antonius, Son of Rome —Brook Allen
  • Imhotep —Jerry Dubs
  • Calamity: A novel —Libbie Hawker

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